FACES 4.0 LE for Law Enforcement (Single User License, Download)

FACES 4.0 LE for Law Enforcement (Single User License, Download)

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Effective. Affordable. Easy to use.

Effective. Affordable. Easy to use criminal investigation software.

That’s why thousands of police agencies worldwide -- including the CIA, FBI and the US Military -- use FACES, the breakthrough facial composite software.

Endorsed by crime fighting agencies and supported by police as a proven, effective tool, varoius versions of FACES have been used successfully for more than 12 years to identify, track and apprehend criminal suspects.

FACES 4.0 is the latest and most advanced version of our award-winning technology, with new features including:
• expanded database of 4,400 facial features
• new Latin, African-American and Asian components
• ability to export images in JPEG format to use in police bulletins, advisories and websites
• three-tone hair features and hair flip, and facial markings such as piercings, moles, scars and tattoos