FACES and One Click Partner Up to Bring FACES to the Cloud!

FACES ID presents Facial composites online from any device - Software-as-a-Service (online). There is no requirement for download or installation of the software anywhere. All an authorized user require is a modern browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari etc) from any device with internet to access their assigned workspace. Each registered user will get a separate login that can be linked to their police station or constabulary. The workspace can be scaled up on demand and available in concurrent (simultaneous) licensing format from £5.20 per person per month including support during office hours. Additional option of login via facial recognition, fingerprint app can also be enabled at £0.57p per person. The pricing includes all necessary licenses, setup, security, backup and managed services. All prices are excluding VAT and depends upon minimum of 600 users registered.


Click here for the Faces Software demo in the cloud


Following are benefits of using FACES ID Facial Composites on oneclick


1.       Enable secure Bring your own Device (ByoD) policy and ease of use for operating Faces ID software.

2.       Faces  ID is immediately available from any device, anytime, for an authorised user, whether working remotely in office or on the Road.

3.       Ability to save and print to local printer or with optional cloud printing solution to handle complex printing requirements.

4.       Significant savings of resources and time as the authorised police can start an enquiry straightaway.

5.       Multilayer security protects data from any cyber-attack or hacks of any kind.

6.       The data will never leave the data centre in the UK, even if the constable is accessing the service from outside the UK.

7.       oneclick™ and FACES ID are  registered supplier on the UK Digital Marketplace.

8.       All users will be automatically Cyber Assured without any pre-assessment.